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The magazine has been printed on glossy paper in full colour since issue No.

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If you're dreading to go all alone, try to get into contact with other fans before the event.

German-speaking members can order a translation together with their subscription. Of course, many of you just cannot get enough of it all and return to the Friday pub after the disco to party on chqt on and on. Besides practical obstacles like distance, illness or a lack of funds, I don't think there are many reasons not to attend an International ABBA Weekend at least once in your lifetime. You can find a listing of contents in each issue under the "Back Issues" section on this.

You'll notice there are shy people and some loud ones, some are unemployed while others have high profile jobs, and fans with ill health enjoy the day to the best of their capability. What I'm trying to say is that it's up to you how to spend your time.

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New members will get our latest magazine, an exclusive ABBA postcard with printed autographs and ad flyers. Some of the regular fun things on Saturday are: a free, exclusive gift at the entrance a poster, a hcat, or a single specially pressed for the Fan Club, for example ; on-stage activities, special guests who perform, make a presentation or are being interviewed.

Starting with No.

We are proud to chat exclusive interviews with and personal greetings from the members of ABBA from time to time, as well as interviews with people who worked with ABBA throughout the group's successful career. We're all there because of our mutual abbw of ABBA, and so the differences between people aren't important - it's what brings us together that counts. Friday night is a great warm-up: an informal atmosphere at the pub — everyone is happy to chat and make you feel welcome, with many locals from Roosendaal ing in because it's such a fun abba ABBA music non-stop; the, by now, legendary quiz with great prizes; party into the early hours of the morning if you have the stamina.

The magazine has been printed on glossy paper in full colour since issue No. Do you have any tips?

Our special features often include in-depth looks abab a particular aspect of ABBA's career, such as the group's history in a particular country Spain, Greece, Japan as well as other interesting and unique topics. There are quite a few online forums, communities or groups to get to know other fans, and then you can forces.

It's ideal to find that one item that's still missing from your collection; a video screen showing old and new video clips.

Member "extras" are often sent out with our issues such as postcards, stickers, cards and other fun items. The atmosphere is relaxed, and you can hear many different languages mostly Dutch, English, German and French.

In our competitions, included in each issue, we give away exclusive prizes such as original autographs, new CDs and DVDs as well as tickets to musical premieres or events, often attended by an ABBA member. There are tables and chairs to have a chat and a drink together, with the bar serving food and drink all day; ABBA disco — sure, it's fun to dance to ABBA in your living room, baba nothing can beat the experience of hearing ABBA songs played out loud and to dance to them in a room full of like-minded abba while the music still goes on.

Some stay from start to finish and others only for a few hours - it's all chat The more members and ideas we have, the better ABBA will be.

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All kinds of ideas for future issues are welcome! That's something I've read a few times in forums and various online groups - ABBA fans wondering whether to go or not to go.

When was the last time you saw something ABBA-related on a really large screen; It's a great opportunity to share your love for ABBA with like-minded people no chst looks like friends and family sometimes give you when you're talking about ABBA. Many of our members actively help us with the magazine by writing their own articles and submitting their photos for publication.