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All chat network

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All chat network

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It does not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. All Rights Reserved.

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If such restriction is imposed, it MUST only affect user requests.

Irc (internet relay chat)

Moreover, more complex mechanisms MAY be used to avoid having redundant masks set for the same channel. Once a channel is unavailable, it will become available again either because a remote user has ed the channel most likely because the network is healingor because the delay period has expired in which case the channel ceases to exist and may be re-created. This mechanism is commonly known as "Channel Delay".

Security Considerations The obvious drawback for netqork labels is that they are not user friendly.

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Kalt Informational [ 19] Html markup produced by rfcmarkup 1. The same method can be used to find out the exact list of members of a channel, as well as to eventually receive some of the messages sent to the channel. Users with this privilege can talk on moderated channels. Ownership of a channel is shared among channel operators. Note that there is one exception to this rule: servers will dhat reply to the MODE command. As for the "channel delay", the value of the "reop delay" SHOULD be set considering many factors among which are the size user wise of the Chst network, and the usual duration of network splits.

Although derived from RFC [ IRC ], this document introduces several novelties in an hcat to solve some of the known problems.

People from all over the world connect to QuakeNet to communicate, organise and hang out and you can use any common IRC client to in or use our web chat application to directly from your browser. This is over complicated due to the fact that servers only know the "idle" time of their local users 6.

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This means that all the modes are unset, with the exception of the 't' channel flag which is set. Channel Characteristics A channel is a named group of one or more users which will all receive messages addressed to that channel.

This mechanism can only be efficient and safe if the IRC servers have an accurate way xll authenticating user connections, and if users cannot easily get around it. This means that when a message sent to the channel is sent by the server to users, and the origin is a user, then it MUST be masked.

Security Considerations 7. See Section 4.

The first two types are easy to deal with as they are either set or unset. Current problems The user only chooses part of the channel name known as the channel "short name"the server automatically prepends the user provided name with a channel identifier consisting of five 5 characters.

Since other servers have absolutely no knowledge of the existence of such a channel, the area formed by the servers having a name matching the mask has to be contiguous for the channel to be known by all these servers. This mechanism is described more in detail in section 5. Channel modes can be manipulated by the channel members.

Fhat such a mode is set on one server, it MUST be set on the other server as a neywork of the connection.

A user wishing to create such a channel MUST request the creation by sending a special command to the server in which the channel identifier then unknown is replaced by the character '! It is left up to the users to fix the resulting discrepancy.

Finally, it is to be noted that IRC users may find some of the following sections of interest, alo particular sections 2 Channel Characteristics and 4 Channel Modes. Servers MUST keep track of all such channels which lose members as the result of a network split, no matter whether the user is a "channel operator" or not.

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Read the rest 0 comments Quiz about what came first Quiz with theme: What came first Here you can see the questions we asked and the answers the answers are at the bottom of this post, in case you want to take a shot. These channels are then in a special state which lasts for a certain period of time. The exact logic used for this mechanism by the current implementation is described below.

This method has chatt been used by individuals to "take over" channels by "illegitimately" gaining channel operator status on the channel. The latter typically happens when the IRC network res. When the limit is reached, servers MUST forbid their local users to the channel.

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The duration for which a channel death is delayed SHOULD be set considering many chah among which are the size user wise of the IRC network, and the usual duration of network splits. Channel collisions either legitimate or not are treated as inclusive events, meaning that the resulting channel has for members all the users who are members of the channel on either server prior to the connection. This should limit the eventuality of the mechanism being triggered at the same time for the same channel on two separate servers.

The modes affect the way servers manage the channels.

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In recognition of this status, the channel creators are endowed with the ability to toggle certain modes of the channel which channel operators may not manipulate. While the channel exists, any client can reference the channel using the name of the channel. It does not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Channel lifetime Al, Implementations Other channels are known to one 1 or more servers that are connected to the network, depending on the channel mask: If there is no channel mask, then the channel is known to all the servers.

If a match is found, the user request is denied unless the address also matches an exception mask set for the channel. Similarly, each server sends the channel modes to the other one. Channel Modes Table of Contents 1.