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Cuckold sexting

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Sure enough, we got several suitors, but only one seemed to have potential.

Cuckold sexting with a shared wife

The next day we just kept sextiing at each other and grining but we weren't really sure what to say. And I was! What she wanted, what he was going to do, how she loved turning two guys on and making them cum the same night, how secting wanted to feel and taste her pussy juices, how she loved to make him hard But to me, that didn't matter. This went on for about 6 years with very few set backs.

Wife texts cuckold sexting

Finally she began to use her vibrator and wanted me to read her the things she wrote. We of course would fuck like rabbits if she ever came home and talked like that.

Honestly, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, it sextinv didn't seem normal, and definitely not cultural. She just became more open to the idea of flirting. She eventually had an orgasm with him simply by dry humping and, in her own words, became addicting to cumming.

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Every time I would mention if she ever thought sexing someone specific, she would be pretty adament and say "no, it's always you" She was scared, nervous, unsure, and even had lost a little confidence because the co-worker seemed to blow her off. In fact, she rarely cums when I fuck her now which turns me on.

We finally meet and our paths eventually crossed and after a short courtship, we got married. I was exhausted, she wanted more. To all those who have never experienced cuckold something as simple as this, I suggest you be patient, read a lot of the info on this site, but above all else, communicate with your wife, don't force anything, be patient even if that means YEARSsexting enjoy the journey and love your wife unconditionally.

She would start to call me certain people who she was fantasizing about while we had sex. She would send me texts about how she needed to get slammed and if I can't do it, then she'll go find someone else.

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As we were sitting by the pond, out of the blue, my wife says, "so I was flirting with this co-worker HD, high definition, glossy, high quality, super crisp… Call it as you like, but one thing is certain: FreeHD16 offers thousands of porn videos in top HD resolution completely for free. She knew I was serious but I think she had some doubts.

The first few years of our marriage, our sex life was so so. She told me to go to sleep while she continued to "play" with him.

It was very soon after this that Wexting thought I would try and see if my wife would like a vibrator. I would mention from time to time about her being with someone else but again it was always, "it's just fantasy, I'd never do that". I was hooked.

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As I mentioned in the beginning, my wife and I grew up in different states - about 9 hours apart. Cuckod wasn't all that interested but I knew she was just trying to "do the right thing" in her mind.

She even began to toy with the idea of "just going out on a friendly date" with someone, to flirt, and drive me crazy. It is because of the many posts I have read and learned from that I want to share our story, to hopefully help someone else in a big or small way on their journey of cuckolding. In passing, I mentioned that I found a potential guy she might be interested in to text with later tonight.

This past year and we had taken our children to a park. About midday she came out of the house and said she had texted him again, just to say "hi". She loved watching all the new scenarios, and different people, etc.

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This became a very common theme in our sex life. Before we met my wife and I did not grow up in the same town, in fact we didn't even grow up in the same state. I was in a state of sexual ephoriah all day. I was a jock, class clown, and very permiscuous through my HS and college days.

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It was about 2 years ago, and 9 years into our marriage, aexting I finally was able to put a label on my fetish I couldn't get enough! However, eventually she would tell me how she was at a store and she had a desire to flirt with this guy, or that this guy was hot, or that she was wondering how big his cock was.

Finally she laid on the floor while I was rubbing her. When we cucckold have sex, we never did much for pillow talk, dirty talk, or tell each other our fantasies.

Then she begins to open up. So I went out on a limb and bought her a little, pink insertable vibrator. And they are completely free. She liked that it turned me on but always made sure I knew it was just sextting. I just kept being silent and would share stories about cuckolding.