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Read the first chapter here. This is about his sixth appearance, two before the accident, I guess, three after. This makes six.

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So it's both. And they won't do it. On May 3,the U.


Subject should say "VCU Girl" in case you are interested. At least mine can't. He's back at college, living a very active life, and very aggressive about raising money and so KING: Because they're stupid, right?

Would you describe the chair you're in and what they're hearing? I got tremendous attention when I was first injured.

KING: What percentage of those with spinal injuries are male? KING: It's behind you, right?

You can injure your spinal chord and bruise it and be up in a couple weeks. Christopher Reeve was 52 years old.

He thought of pursuing the sport as xex career until his freshman tryout at Cornell brought a reality check. Even while at Kessler, Christopher Reeve began to use the international interest in his situation to increase public awareness about spinal cord injury and to raise money for research into a cure. Now, we'll take out money from the tobacco settlement, thank you very much. And your money gets put into two areas.

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Its purpose is to provide information services to people nationwide who are newly paralyzed, have been living with paralysis, or are family members or caregivers. He was a founding member and past president of the Creative Coalition, an advocacy group of artists, and was one of the National Endowment For The Arts most passionate supporters.

They think it's a tax, and it's unfair. So Dr. KING: Gone, yeah. KING: Then the difficulty here, then is what? So right now Dr.

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Then I went to Paris to work with the Comedie Francaise. KING: Where is he now, that horse?

Martin Schwab at the University of Zurich, is figuring out how he can immunize the antibody so it doesn't cause toxicity in the body or doesn't get rejected by the immune system, and then it's possible if all goes well that they'll be ready for a human trial within a year. Now, why he did that, I don't know exactly, but I may have thrown my weight forward a little too soon, and being as heavy as I am, that would be a problem for him.

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REEVE: Well, what happened is they had it sent to the Senate resolution, which is not binding and it passed to-nothing. He believed that progress in one's life comes from creating your own challenges and then doing the best you possibly can to succeed. And I turned it in on December 10th, and they only -- the only criticism they had was, they wanted one childhood story they thought was irrelevant to be taken out.

It completely revitalizes him and feeds him.

REEVE: Well, I think they'll sec it quietly at first, then we'll have the success, then it will be broadcast, but I think the experiments will be done quietly and certainly I will, you know, when the time comes, sneak off to Zurich or whenever to go be worked on. KING: You would think one insurance company would just want to do it for promotional value at this point.

Christopher reeve: 'i have never been disabled in my dreams'

KING: You've gotten much, much better. KING: So when this comes about it will come about through your -- will you need any physical thing to do or will it be a medication? I am now able to move my diaphragm, which is a big improvement. I think it was totally random, but I think the job is afterwards to find a reason, so it didn't happen for a reason, but then I've had to learn how to create one. KING: I mean, you look better.

Upon regaining consciousness and realizing the gravity of his situation, Reeve wondered to his wife Dana if "maybe we should just let me go. But Reeve was also a superb athlete who did his own stunts in films and an avid outdoorsman.

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And I thought, well, this is different. While Reeve continued his acting lessons and performed in the soap opera, he found time to audition for and win a coveted role in A Matter of Gravity, a new play slated for Broadway starring Katharine Hepburn in KING: And KING: You would crawl?

Here he studied under the renowned John Houseman. Wioliamstown first of three specials, airing around Reeve's 50th birthday, showed him walking on a treadmill while suspended from a special harness.